Review on Sound Good To Me by Lucy Hale!!

So, you guys probably have heard about Lucy Hale via Pretty Little Liars in which she plays Aria. As beautifully as she displays us whatever the character demands, she sings much more beautiful songs in her melodious voice.

The song is given a start by the beat of the drums and the instruments that are perfectly played. This sometimes even lead us to bob our heads up and down and as well as tapping our feet. The music video also collabrates in the success of the song. The lyrics are perfectly sculpted and gives you a very perfect feeling for love. Love was never a bad thing except the exceptions but let’s chuck it now.

The lines of the first para are all about the feeling metaphorically comparing all the beautiful things in this universe. The moon that gives us an enlightened path also lights the object as if it was a spotlight. The starting gestures of the kiss are described as a crazy crazy good feeling. The water, the old song when you feel nostalgic, the Amen that make us feel blessed are all described well in the song.

The second para is directly towards the person that our Lucy fell in love with. The musical hum of the guitar and the talking is so melodious that she can listen to the voice of the lover anytime and all night. The desire to know the entire story of the lover is interesting that by sitting beside the bon fire and listening to the crackling of the fire just add into the hymn of the enthralling voice and the character of the lover. His voice has follows such an enrapturing path in which you find yourself completely lost and you feel good.

The ending takes rather a more beating and clapping tone replaced by the intsruments and the voice of the chorus of all the people in this song comes rushing to us and make us feel all over giddy.

The sound of the lover is as beautiful as the melody, as powerful as the current of the river, as enrapturing that anybody can simply listen all the night, as enthralling that even the monotoness story of daily life can be full of roller coaster ride, as pleasing as the fire crackling, as blessed as the Amen of the chorus, as free as the feeling of the freedom and as nostalgic as an old song on the radio.

You must listen to this song coz if you missed this, you missed the other side of Lucy Hale. This song is hallucinating, stunning, beautiful, eye-opening and strong!!!

I am sure you will love this song by Aria oops Lucy Hale!

Thnakyou, Enjoy the song on YouTube and you can have the entire album of Lucy Hale on iTunes. It’s a must watch…

Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale…

Review on NEW YORK by Taylor Swift

As Taylor Swift has unleashed her new album, 1989, we simply couldn’t wait till the time when the videos of her engrossing and ¬†intriguing songs to come live on our toon boxes? Right?

So, the first song that I will be reveiwing will be New York.

As per the name suggests, the song is fairly on the hustle bustle place called New York which is admired in her song throughly.

The starting music is really catchy and the beats are perfect. The beats and the music giving the song a great head start. And of course the voice and lyrics are perfect, they sync each other. The First para gives a feeling and it really tells all to pack up our bags and get ready to leave for the waiting New York. The lights and the roads has all been described way too well in the songs. The changes of the personality of different people once landing in New York City has me giving her the respect much more.(Not that I never gave her. She is ione of my idols but this doesn’t make me to NOT criticize other’s work).

It’s a must experince for everyone who is wanting to tap thier feet and live thorugh thier obnoxious life…

This song actually makes a good impression over nerly everone and the iconic voice of Taylor Swift is what makes this a lovely song, oh cut the crap, it’s not ‘lovely’ it’s mindblowingly TERRIFIC!