Hiya guys….

Shawn Mendes a seventeen year old boy who took this world into a spinning cart with his awesome and feet taping music. His voice does the magic which is directed by the wand of music and lyrics.

‘One of those nights’ was the song i found while searching his playlist. It’s a really catchy song. the starting itself has that captivating effect on you that makes you sit straight and listen. And if you are a fan of Shawn Mendes’s songs then you would listen to it.

The starting of the song with his voice along with music and instruments which includes guitars, a set of drums. This song is, as per I guess, one for the friends. A scene of party comes to our head. A party you would love no matter what. A party to REMEMBER. A song of advice for his friends. A song of fun and forgetting every other tension you have in this world.

The first para tells us about the time when we are bound by the shackles of today and we are so nervous and chained by all the promises we all have made, we ought to go to our friends where we find some comforts and relief. A sense of homecoming. We tend to cope up with them more rather than anybody else for that matter. We can’t do and take the burden all by ourselves and cope up with it. We need someone in our life to hold us and support us. To be on our side for the times in need. And when we find ourselves to be having all these things under the stars, with our glasses full and a faithful and loving companion, we have no bounds of our happiness. That world is ours to rule and no one can take that away from us. It’s something we would love to hold on, cling on because in this world of chaos, this is the onlypiece we get.

The life we want is a life free of fear. And we have no boundaries to do whatever we love to. We are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, it’s a rule of life. We live a life of a wild and a free soul but due to difficulties we tend to be restricted. We crave for that kind of life. All these are sung in the second para of the song which is personal favourite. Along with this, this para also tells us that we have no time for alone time. We need SOMEONE. Knowingly or unknowingly. The plans we make are a moment changer right at the last moment and we find ourselves somewhere completely heavenly and bliss. This para ends with a bunch of┬álines that are followed till the ending which was missing in the first though repeated many times simply sung in the song.

The end is calm and peaceful. A song which tells us about the companionship, life, fear, daydreams, being free sums up with a name-ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS!

You all can avail the opportunity to listen ti this song on YouTube.


One of those nights by Shwan Mendes
One of those nights by Shawn Mendes

Guys, just for the convenience there is the link of his audio…


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